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what is this?

what are your photographs?

do they have meaning and who says so?

what about photos of objects or settings when you don't know what they are of? 

nothing is sacred., nothing is real.

nothing is good, nothing is bad. 

meaning is a matter of value judgement and agreement

there is an infinite amount of space between your house and mine

separateness is an illusion

our lives are regulated by the division of time

questions are more powerful than answers

take, an object. do something to it. do something else to it

jasper johns, artist

there is no such thing as 'the same moment' in a definable universe

carlo rivelli, physicist  /  from 'the order of time' 

is it something or is it nothing?

david letterman and paul schaefer  /  from a skit on 'the late show' 

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